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Meeting the needs of the Ontario construction industry since 1946 !

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the ESS Central region office is headquarters for factory-authorized sales and service to a growing range of equipment lines from some of the industry's top names in heavy machinery.

ESS proudly represents the full line of Komatsu construction equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders & articulated trucks and Intelligent Machines (Automatic Grade Control) and the full product line of Link-Belt Cranes.

 OEM Parts

 ESS is your authorized OEM distributor for Komatsu & Link-Belt Cranes parts in Ontario. With 4 branches in the province and a large Warehouse distribution Facility in Mississauga, ON, ESS can ship almost any OEM parts to our customers on the same day. 

The ESS parts team ranks among the industry's most experienced specialists, combining in-depth knowledge of equipment and parts with advanced technologies to help you develop cost-effective stocking plans backed by efficient delivery and management systems.

Regular Komatsu Genuine Parts customers can also sign up for online access to the inventory called E-parts central . For more information, please contact your nearest ESS branch.

 The Equipment Industry's #1 Source for Aftermarket Parts.

Our experience as a leading parts specialist has led us to diversified expertise in the methods, systems and sources that ensure the highest availability of the parts our customers’ need, when they need them. The ESS parts team ranks among the industry's most experienced specialists, combining in-depth knowledge of equipment and parts with advanced technologies to help you develop cost-effective stocking plans backed by efficient delivery and management systems.

Long established as Canada's largest supplier of aftermarket equipment parts, ESS sources quality parts worldwide for ALL makes and ALL models of heavy equipment. ESS is also Canada's  authorized distributor for world renowned BERCO undercarriage products including: track chains, track shoes, rollers, idlers and other parts for routine service of crawler-mounted equipment. ESS is also the largest volume supplier of Esco ground engaging tools, such as bucket teeth/adapaters & crushing jaws.



70 years of heavy equipment service experience makes ESS your best choice for maintaining your entire equipment fleet. Along with delivering authorized warranty service to the equipment we sell, ESS is proud to provide extensive repairs to all makes and all models of machines across Canada. Every ESS shop mechanic is an experienced factory-trained technician armed with continuous training to keep pace with the current manufacturers’ service technology, bulletins and troubleshooting reports.

Your Power and Re-Power Centre

Work with your ESS team to schedule essential “uptime” service on your machinery. Our technicians will ensure quality rebuilds of engines, transmissions, torque converters, final drives, full cylinder repair, hydraulic pumps, and custom undercarriage maintenance. No job is too big, and no job is too small.

Peace of Mind…

Comes with not worrying about the status of your equipment or if it will reach its’ expected production demands within its’ life cycle. Contact us anytime about setting up a customized planned preventative maintenance program. From scheduling a simple oil and filter change out program to securing a full “bumper to bumper” repair service program, ESS can take care of your equipment and guarantee peace of mind.

Taking Equipment Service Technology to The Field, 24/7

With our fleet of fully equipped state-of-the-art service vehicles, ESS provides fast efficient field services to customers job sites. Our emergency onsite service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All ESS field technicians are factory trained and certified for heavy equipment service and repair.

The Part That You’ve Been Missing...

Is the unmatched access to Canada’s largest inventory of OEM and high quality aftermarket parts. Our Service department works closely with our team of the most experienced parts specialists in the country, who can offer you a range of alternative parts solutions that meet your service budget.

One step ahead…

Today, technology is an essential part of every technician’s tool kit, and we are equipped with factory-supplied software for both on-site diagnosis and remote diagnosis (where applicable). ESS can ensure that our technicians arrive at your machine already knowing what’s at fault and carrying the correct parts in hand to complete your repair.

Lube Service, more than just an oil change…

When we perform an oil change service, we also include a 50 point inspection to properly inform our customers of current or potential problems to minimize downtime. We also always remove & dispose all of your waste oil in an environmentally friendly fashion.


  • 50 point Inspection
  • Engine Oil Change
  • Hydraulic oil Change
  • Filter Change
  • Grease All Fittings


The lube service is available in-shop and on field. ESS has a mobile lube truck fleet that can provide you lube services at the customer site.

Mobile line boring/weld services:

Are you experiencing excessive play with your Ground engaging attachments? It’s not a big deal if you repair it in a timely fashion. Left un-attended this can cause extensive damage to both your attachments and more importantly your carrier. Our mobile line boring machine coupled with an accurate bore weld rebuild can get your linkage back up to like new operation.

Mobile Track Press

Can’t get your equipment mobilized? Let us come to you ! ESS has a mobile track press available to perform undercarriage service operations anywhere and anytime. This service can include Pin and bushing turns or replacement, Shoe and link replacement & Grouser plate re-lugging.

Free Undercarriage Inspection:

Up to 70% of the total cost of owning a crawler machine is related to its undercarriage. It’s important to assess current wear and predict when repairs will be required, so you can avoid unscheduled downtime. Proper undercarriage adjustments will improve machine performance, fuel economy and extend component life significantly.


Not sure if your undercarriage is going to make through the working season? Contact us to schedule a free inspection to provide you with accurate life cycle metrics that match your machine and its’ specific application.