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Small Excavators - 0-25,000 lbs.

Climb on one of these mini's and you'll fall in love with the comfort, big excavator features, versatility and especially the work they can produce. You'll find that mini refers only to their size not what they can achieve. 


Mid-size Excavators - 25,0001 - 70,000 lbs.

If your goal is to lay pipe more precisely, cut through rocky hardpan or bale soil into haul trucks as fast as possible, Komatsu mid-size excavators will give you all you ask for an then some.

Large Excavators - 70,001- 260,000 lbs.

Komatsu large excavators set the performance bar high. Whether in a material handling configuration, long front or standard boom and arm set up, these big excavators will give you the production and profit you're looking for. 

Komatsu Solutions

The KOMTRAX telematics system is standard on Komatsu equipment with no subscription-fees throughout the life of the machine. Using the latest wireless technology, KOMTRAX transmits valuable information such as location, utilization, and maintenance records to a PC or smartphone app. Custom machine reports identify machine efficiency and operating trends. KOMTRAX also offers advanced machine troubleshooting by continuously monitoring machine health.

Komatsu CARE comes standard on all eligible Tier 4 Construction Equipment

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