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Wheel Loaders

Great balance between power, speed, and stability

Komatsu wheel loaders are comfortable, efficient and productive, making them operator favorites and making production managers heroes. Using innovative hydraulic and drive train technology and rock solid quality, Komatsu loaders are satisfying the toughest quarry and mining production demands around North America. Take a closer look and you’ll see products that quarry, construction and mining managers have discovered will positively impact their bottom lines. All  Komatsu Wheel Loaders come with Komtrax on board for Free!

Mid-Size Wheel Loaders - 25,000 - 40,000 lbs

125 - 175 hp

Hydrostatic drive sets these machines apart. Komatsu small wheel loaders are quick but smooth, powerful but extremely operator friendly and controllable. The operator can use his traction control system to adjust the traction output to match his underfoot and digging conditions.

Large Wheel Loaders - 40,001 – 150,000 lbs

176 - 600 hp

A large capacity torque converter with lock-up gives Komatsu large-size wheel loaders great tractive effort to power into the pile and fill the bucket to capacity, then quickly gain speed when maneuvering and climb up hills or ramps faster than previous models.

Mining Wheel Loaders - 150,001 - 500,000 lbs

600+ hp

Mining wheel loaders face harsh demands. And Komatsu mining wheel loaders are able to meet those demands with a combination of built in quality and reliability, and features such as high stability and easy to operate advanced joystick steering. High lift booms allow the loading of trucks all the up to the 300 ton class.

Komatsu Solutions

The KOMTRAX telematics system is standard on Komatsu equipment with no subscription-fees throughout the life of the machine. Using the latest wireless technology, KOMTRAX transmits valuable information such as location, utilization, and maintenance records to a PC or smartphone app. Custom machine reports identify machine efficiency and operating trends. KOMTRAX also offers advanced machine troubleshooting by continuously monitoring machine health.

Komatsu CARE comes standard on all eligible Tier 4 Construction Equipment

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