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Dozer's large cabs, with well-laid-out controls and auto climate control,improve operator environment for reduced fatigue during long shifts. Komatsu machines owe their industry-leading visibility to designs that emphasize operator awareness of the work area.

The KOMTRAX telematics system is standard on Komatsu equipment with no subscription-fees throughout the life of the machine. Using the latest wireless technology, KOMTRAX transmits valuable information such as location, utilization, and maintenance records to a PC or smartphone app. Custom machine reports identify machine efficiency and operating trends. KOMTRAX also offers advanced machine troubleshooting by continuously monitoring machine health. The intelligent machine control system provides accurate fully automated blade and grade control while minimizing track slip. Intelligent machine control helps less experienced operators maximize blade loads for high production and helps experienced operators complete jobs faster. Electronic transmission controls allow operators to easily switch between manual and auto-shift modes.

Intelligent Machine Dozers

105-264 hp


Small Dozers - 18,000 - 35,000 lbs

70-150 hp

Komatsu's Super slant nose small dozers hit the market, it took second in an international industrial design competition, behind the Apple i-Phone. Couple that with 3d grade control and you get a fast accurate grading system.  I-machines are even a step further, with built in intelligence that works with Topcon and Trimble grade control systems.

The Facts!

  • 3D Grade Control
  • Second in international industrial design competition, first runner up was Apple i-Phone
  • Super Slant nose 

Medium Dozers - 35,001 – 60,000 lbs

151-260 hp

Mid-size dozers can do it all. They are production tractors or fine graders when required. Using high production Sigma blades or inside mount six-way blades, these Komatsu dozers are versatile enough to accomplish those tasks and so much more. And now, built-in intelligence is available so you can work flawlessly with leading GPS grade control systems.

The Facts!

Large Dozer - 60,001 – 120,000 lbs

261-500 hp

 Komatsu large dozers have the power and capacity to be production units and still retain the precise control and maneuverability to grade and shape when required. Unique Sigma blades can increase production up to 15%. And now, remote control is available on the D155AX-8.

 The Facts!

  • Sigma blades increase productive up to  15%
  • Remote control is available Now!

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